Membership: discrepancy in doc re: Protected Content Page / Downloads

WP 3.4.1

Membership 3.1.1


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I am protecting some downloads here (see the French Food document):

Masked Download URLs are working fine. When you click a document such as that French Food one (when not signed in), you get “No Access”. However, the Protected Content Page is set to /register

The documentation says the following on page 23 of 67, specifically referencing Downloads:

“Anyone trying to access the content through this url is processed by the plugin and so if they don’t have a subscription they will rightly be forwarded to the Protected content page we set up earlier in this plugin”

However, on page 17, it excludes downloads by saying: “When you protect a post or page, this is the content a user will be directed to if they do not have a subscription with access.”

So how can I protect downloads by redirecting “strangers” to my specified Protected Content Page (/register)?