membership displaying shortcode


I'm implementing the membership plugin, have just upgraded to most recent version. Sometimes the plugin is processing shortcodes (no shortcode displays) and other times it displays the shortcode. It appears to show the shortcode (and content) when the security allows the member to see the content. I think it should show the content but not the shortcode.

These are shortcodes set up to do nothing other than hide selected content based on levels. They are not gravity forms or other processed shortcodes. This could be part of the issue (no shortcode definition to process it).


  • tjeull

    That would explain it. Thanks for the quick reply.

    I'm noticing that I cannot assign any levels to myself (admin) which is actually blocking me from some shortcode protected content. Not the end of the world if protection is working, but kind of confusing. When I mouseover my username in "edit members" the options to Add under Subscription and Membership level do not appear. I do not have any assigend levels showing up.

    Is it by design that a membership admin user cannot have subscriptions/levels assigned? If so seems like that user would have "all levels" access - i.e. any protected content is visible to the admin. In my case the shortcode-protected content is not showing up.


  • DavidM

    Hi tjeull,

    That's correct, any denoted as a Membership admin wouldn't have a membership level or subscription attached nor be able to attaching them.

    It's for good reason though as it keeps those in ultimate control over the site, safe from restricting their own access to the site!

    As an example, I once as Admin in a prior version, gave myself a Membership level that allowed me only Subscriber-type access and I had no way to fix that on site! I fixed it in the database, but this particular restriction keeps those things from occurring. :slight_smile:


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