Membership doesn't support more than three levels with paypal express gateway

A subscription contains one or more membership levels. These are placed in a specific order, with each level assigned a cost and period of time.

This is what it says on the installation/configuration page for the membership plugin, but I am inclined to believe that is false and would like clarification.

Looking at the code starting on line 211 of plugins/gateway.paypalexpress.php

foreach((array) $pricing as $key => $price) {

switch($price['type']) {

case 'finite': if(empty($price['amount'])) $price['amount'] = '0';
if($count < 3) {
$ff['a' . $count] = $price['amount'] . '.00';
$ff['p' . $count] = $price['period'];
$ff['t' . $count] = strtoupper($price['unit']);
} else {
// Or last finite is going to be the end of the subscription payments
$ff['a3'] = $price['amount'] . '.00';
$ff['p3'] = $price['period'];
$ff['t3'] = strtoupper($price['unit']);
$ff['src'] = '0';

The upper bound of three(3) has been hard coded in, which caused me a lot of confusion until i looked at the code.
Is it (or will it ever be) possible to have more than three membership levels in a subscription with a paypal-express gateway (currently the only "working" gateway)? Or is this membership system restricted to only three levels of drip content?