Membership download link takes members to 404 but does what it should for non-members?

So Ive searched and found a few related topics but nothing seemed to be solved..

Ive been playing with the settings and I have it working….kinda. It does show the no access image (Id rather it just punted the user to the registration screen if not a member) when Im not logged in but when I log in as a member I get a 404 error — and not the usual one it just says “404 – file not found” in the top left of screen.

The url displays the same way when both logged in and not:

I have the actual download url set to:

And the masked url to:

I uploaded the pdf via the media manager and set its protected group to “Magazine”.

Im using the latest version of Membership and WP single install.

So basically Im not sure why Im getting a 404 error. It works the way it should when Im not logged in but when I am it doesnt? Any ideas?