Membership – Dripped Subscriptions Per Season

Hi there,

Have a new client that I am using a different membership plugin with. I want to migrate their user base across to Membership Premium.

However, their subscription model is a bit different.


They have 3 seasons of content with about 26 episodes each. After paying for a season, each seasons episodes needs to be dripped out to the users weekly.

Proposed Method:

Using MP, the only way I can think of doing this is have an Access Level per season & episode then use a Subscription to drip out the content.

The Problem:

I would have 78 Access Levels by the end of Season 3. Difficult to manage. However, they are definitely adding more content each month as they finish production on each season. They are intending to have up to if not more than 30 seasons. With 26 eps per season I might end up with 780 Access Levels to manage. That is a little scary.

Is there a better way to do this?