Membership + eNewsletter: Any way to send users all different invite codes?


The Membership plugin has an option to use Invite Codes, and those codes can be set to be removed from the system upon being used once.

We are about to send out a newsletter alerting our subscribers that the site is now open for registration. We will use eNewsletter for this.

Can anyone imagine a way to send a different invite code to each of our subscribers, either through eNewsletter or some plugin that might exist? Of course if it required a different plugin, we could export our mailing list from eNewsletter and import it elsewhere.

Thanks so much for any help or insight.


  • Andre Foisy
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi there James,

    Thank you for contacting our support team and I hope you are going well to day.

    Whew, looks like an interesting challenge, especially at the stage where you are for that cool idea to pop in your mind :wink:

    At the moment, the way you seem to want to do this, this is not something that can be achieved with neither Membership nor eNewsletter plugin.

    However, I'm not saying that this is something that cannot be done, and I would suggest that maybe you post a job on our Jobs and Pros board, you might just find someone to do exactly what you want there.

    Here's the board:

    I hope that helps. Let me know if ever you have more questions.

    Best regards,

  • James Wolfensberger
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Thanks Andre - that's still helpful because I wanted to make certain I wasn't overlooking a possibility within the WPMU plugins and now I know for sure that I'm not. We likely won't worry about coding it. We can send out one invite code to everyone and just expire the code soon thereafter - not perfect, but "workable!"

    I really appreciate your insight... thank you!


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