Membership - Even with right permissions, people redirected to protected page

this is a branch off of this thread here, where apparently WPMU's facebook plugin was at war with the membership plugin, with the subscription and other short codes not displaying.

There may or may not be an issue with short codes for members who have the right level of access... can't view the post without being redirected to the protected content page.

To recap, I have been setting the access for strangers to different access levels in order to test whether or not the permission system works. I was just asked if a registered member (rather than a 'stranger') with those access permissions had the same problem. The answer is yes. I added an existing member to both a subscription and a membership level and experienced the same behavior.

What I really don't get is that one of the membership levels essentially works, excluding access to the comments and 'more' area, just as it is supposed to. These other membership levels give access to those sections, and yet get treated as though they have no permissions at all.

There you go, Tim and David. A new thread. :slight_smile: