Membership - Even with right permissions, people redirected to protected page

this is a branch off of this thread here, where apparently WPMU's facebook plugin was at war with the membership plugin, with the subscription and other short codes not displaying.

There may or may not be an issue with short codes for members who have the right level of access... can't view the post without being redirected to the protected content page.

To recap, I have been setting the access for strangers to different access levels in order to test whether or not the permission system works. I was just asked if a registered member (rather than a 'stranger') with those access permissions had the same problem. The answer is yes. I added an existing member to both a subscription and a membership level and experienced the same behavior.

What I really don't get is that one of the membership levels essentially works, excluding access to the comments and 'more' area, just as it is supposed to. These other membership levels give access to those sections, and yet get treated as though they have no permissions at all.

There you go, Tim and David. A new thread. :slight_smile:

  • Philip John
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    I've invited Tim and David into this new thread as well but to start with can we run through some basic checks to ensure we minimise the potential complications here... to do that;
    - disable all other plugins
    - activate the default theme
    - post screenshots showing your levels and subscriptions set up
    - post screenshots showing where the issue occurs


  • tnttony
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Phil,

    All plugins have been disabled. The only one that showed any change was the deactivation of the Membership plugin. :wink:

    I have set the theme back to the WP default.

    The same behavior is observed.

    It would require a large number of screen shots in order to show this to you. Tim has the login credentials for the website. Would you be willing to use those and just login yourself to look at the settings?

  • DavidM
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    Hi tnttony,

    Tim and myself have looked into it and found that for some reason, the Category rule is restricting the content that otherwise should be available. Removing the Category rule from those levels seems to make the content available.

    As such, I've forwarded that on to the lead developer for Membership. I think it may have to do with category hierarchy, but the developer will know best.

    Thanks for reporting this.


  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey tnttony.

    David passed this onto the plugin developer, I don't have any updates just yet except to say that I know Barry is currently working on a brand new release of this plugin which could be why he has not had time to update here.

    I believe the issue will be addressed in the forthcoming new release.

    Take care.

  • sharonmiranda
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    I must say, I find this issue reported in a lot of support posts here, and no answer is showing up. With so many, I am asking WPMUDEV to provide us with the fix.

    The Membership plugin is denying access to the buddypress components if a person is logged in, whether the buddypress pages are included or not in the membership positive rules.

    I have seen a user here post an answer, to remove the buddypress rule addon. But I cannot find how to do that.

  • Mason
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    Hiya @sharonmiranda,

    This thread is about 2 months old and we've released a radically new version since it was started. I'm wondering if you've had the chance to give that a go?

    I'm pretty sure we have this issue totally nailed (I've tested membership with BuddyPress myself) but if you're having an issue with the latest version and BuddyPress I'd ask that you open a new thread and we'll take a look with ya.


  • sharonmiranda
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I wish there were some way to tie common topics together sorted by date, and each with an alert if fixed by newer versions.

    I have membership 3.0. I see you have version 3 RC 1. Is that what you mean? I have auto-update notifications installed but was not alerted. I do see the table stating a new version. But did think i'd be notified somehow as the plugin say it 'lets you know'.

    In your other response to my post you stated that add-ons were a thing of the past, but I do see the add-ons folder in this new version of Membership, and the default.bprules are still there.

    I downloaded the 3-RC-1 version, uploaded. The membershippremium.php file says it's version 3.0. and the update notifications still id the version as 3.0 and thus still state an update is available.

    The installation instructions state: To use an alternate name just log in via FTP and look for the following file: membership/membershipincludes/includes/membership-config.php You'll want to edit the file so that line 23 contains your admin username.
    That is the wrong line. Line 25 looks more like the line. Ah yes. That line is clear as to what to do, just replace 'admin' with 'youradminusername'

    With this new Membership version, and the addons including the default.bprules, the issue has now returned. Users that are not member admins are redirected to the no-access page.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya sharonmiranda,

    Please grab the downloadable PDF for the most up-to-date instructions for membership. I've removed those lines from the instructions page. Yes, you'll still find them in the actual plugin files, but as with the "addons" it's no longer required to do any editing in this regard, you can easily give any user access to membership rules by checking the box in their user profile.

    Hope that helps. Thanks!

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