membership & FB login & supporter is a site a friend and I conceived just for fun, and it gives me a place to test stuff out.
I'm beta testing membership 2.1 beta 2, supporter 3.0 and the ultimate FB plugin. I have not worked with any previous versions of these plugins, so I'm giving you a fresh set of newbie eyes to help with the testing.

I do not have the supporter plugin activated/settings yet.

I noticed that when people click on the "join my quest" button in the theme appearances>welcome msg, they end up at which has a short registration form and a FB button. If they click on the FB login in the sidebar of the home page (or the one on the wp-signup.php), it opens a FB app permissions window. And when they click on the "Sign Up" page at which I created per the membership instructions.

So my questions are:
1. Wouldn't this seem just a little bit confusing for the user? To have 3 possible places to sign up? Wouldn't it better to have it all on one page? And is there something I should be doing to make it less confusing, few options, one place for it all?

2. If people sign up via FB, what are they getting? the free basic membership? a separate FB login excluding the basic membership? Again, seems like they should be integrated so as to not confuse the user who might say, "why are you asking me to sign up when I already signed up via FB"?

3. How come admin sees the (no-access-here-matey) page. Is there a way to grant the admin and individual users a supporter account without having to pay for it?

4. In membership, I created 2 membership levels, basic and supporter. Where do I enter the PayPal info in order to process supporter level upgrades?

5. I notice at there are no subscription levels listed to choose from.