Membership Feature Request: Export User Subscription Information


Let me start by saying I absolutely love the plugin. It’s working great!

But I really need a way to export subscription data. Our publication is actually a literary magazine that also puts out a print publication. I used membership to allow our subscribers access to our online archive, and it works great for that. But, when it comes time to ship subscribers the print version of the magazine, I need to be able to export the users and sort them by users with active subscriptions.

Right now, I can export most everything I need using other plugins. Name, address, email, phone number. But, we need to be able to tell if someone still has an active subscription. Obviously, some subscriptions will expire, and we don’t want to send them a print copy of our magazine. Unfortunately, if I export users, I get an excel sheet with filled with everyone who has ever purchased a subscription.

The ability to export membership subscription information would be a god send. Please do think about adding this functionality.