Membership fees for sports club site - which plugin/s to use?

I want to build a sports site that will take membership fees that are recurring each year. However with the membership setup I want it to send a reminder for upcoming fees at the end of each year.

I am not too concerned to have anything elaborate to restrict content as the site is not going to be built for that. I want to be able to import a list of members from a CSV spreadsheet and somehow pair them up with a membership. The sports club has Senior footballers, Junior Footballers and Mini footballers.

Each of those three tiers have their own fee.

I will want to setup a capability for users to be able to edit and create certain bits of custom post types, so I am after the best solution for capabilities of custom post type/taxonomy.

I would be grateful is I can be pointed into the right direction as I have not built a paid membership site. Actually the payments are simply for the fees only.