Membership, finite access not as expected

Hi there,

I have a membership option, ideally this should allow the user to pay £5 to have 1 days access to a section of the site. This seems to work as expected initially.

However we want users to be able to renew this membership, so they can get another 1 days access from the date they pay. However when a user selects "Renew" it says it would allow them to access until 1 day after the original period.

For example:

A user signs up for a new membership on this tier on the 17th August, this membership works fine then goes into "Pending (activate on next payment)" status from the 18th August.

On the 25th August the user wants to get access again, so selects the "Renew" button, the message displayed says "You will pay GBP 5.00 for access until 19th August 2016." when actually we'd want that to be until 1 day from *now*.

Hope that makes sense, appreciate your thoughts and advice on this issue.