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This client requires membership to be aligned with a calendar year, to we used the option to set membership for a date range. This worked brilliantly for the first year, but what do we do next? How do we set it up so members can renew for the next year? We can't change the dates on the existing membership, or it defeats the object of the date range in the first instance. Setting up another set of memberships (we have 3 levels) is error-prone, in that we need to ensure that the correct permissions are assigned across all 3, and this would be an annual problem. But on the other hand, we have to set up the new set of memberships for new members.
Please let me know your thoughts. If it is going to be a case of creating duplicate memberships, could we at least have an option to do so programmatically?

Kind Regards

  • Nastia

    Hello Johanna , I hope all is well!

    Unfortunately. there is no way to copy the protection rules from one membership to another. I had a feedback from the developer that if this feature existed it likely cause issues as all data will not be synced properly.

    A solution here is to have only two same memberships. The only way is to create a copy of the first Date-Range membership with protection rules and after the first memberships ends, change the membership to the second one.

    Once the new membership has taken effect for all users, edit the previous year's membership: change the name and the date range for the next year.

    Set the new Membership to change to the old membership one its ends. This way you only need to maintain 2 memberships and the change only needs to be made once a year.

    I hope this will help!

    Kind regards,

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