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I am developing a site where people will be able to pay to download individual specialist ebooks.

The client also wants to enable people to sign up to three subscription levels. These levels would allow members to download 2 (bronze) 4 (silver) or 8 (gold) books per mont.

Would this plugin take care of that. Would there be a way of setting up so that members get a set number of download credits per month, depending on their subscription level, and which would prevent them downloading more than their allowed number?

Also, would this fit in with the regular ecommerce purchase/download setup for individual books.

Hope you can help. Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

  • Jonathan
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    As Barry says. It doesn't. But I haven't come across anything that can do what you want straight out the box. But with a little creative thinking, and some custom coding I can say it possible could.

    It all depends on your coding ability. If you are so inclined, or have a developer at your disposal. It is very possible.
    But if not - stop reading now :wink:

    If you can code, or have developer...
    Membership has a very cool little feature which allows you to create any number of pings which you can attach to levels.

    I don't know if you've played around with the plugin?
    But levels are what the member moves through. You choose period that user stays at levels.
    Pings are packets of data sent to a url of your choice.

    You could have a developer write up some code that could take those packets of data (user id, subscription, level etc etc) and at the end of each month credit the user with 2 credits / 4 credits / 8 credits. You will also have to create a download credit minus tool to handle the ebook downloads and user credits.

    So it will take some custom coding to achieve your desired outcome. But the membership plugin will handle what other downloads plugins don't have. Multiple Gateways. Membership Management. Sequential movement of member through his membership. Content Protection etc etc.

    So in conclusion. No it can't do it straight out the box. But if you are so inclined, or have a developer at your disposal. It is very possible.

  • Abaloo
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    Thanks so much for your helpful response. It's obviously not the response I was looking for, but it points me in a direction.

    I've not played with the Plugin, I am entirely new to WPMU Dev (as you can see from my low reputation count :slight_smile: but what you are suggesting sounds interesting.

    Do you have any further information on how these pings work?

    One other question, I'm assuming that the Marketplace plugin will not take care of this by itself?

    Best wishes, and thanks again!

  • Jonathan
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    The primary problem is and I am guessing here. Is that you are wanting the member to download from a selection of ebooks. Marketpress, jigoshop, most e-commerce shopping carts handle, you buy x, you get x for y downloads. Meaning you can download your ebook 10 times.

    The only thing I can think is close to what you want is the reputation points plugin. I can't remember off hand. Cube points? I think it has a paypal module built in for users to purchase credits/points and they can use those points - I don't know for what. But that is the closest I have come across to what you are after. If you find something else, please drop the find below, would love to know :wink:

    Just googled it:

  • Abaloo
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    Just gave you a bundle of points, really appreciating this help.

    Had a look at Cube Points, but there isn't more to go on. I'll download it and have a look.

    I'd have expected this to be a pretty common feature people would want, amazed it's not out there already. Even some kind of plugin which allows people to buy gift-certificates of a certain value and send for people to use on a site?

    Best wishes again!

  • DavidM
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    Yep, CubePoints really is very nice, I think, as it's easy to extend. Just to mention, the recent release of MarketPress actually includes a CubePoints gateway, so your users can purchase stuff from a MarketPress store using points. And MarketPress does digital downloads too.

    I'm trying to get around to getting that gateway integrated in Membership as well, which really shouldn't be too tough, just need a clear moment! :slight_smile:


  • Abaloo
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hey thanks for picking this one up.

    That would be great.

    Just for clarity, would cube points meet the use case I described at the top - i.e. someone wants a gold membership allowing them 8 downloads per month. This costs €25. In return for their €25 they get granted 8 points, each allowing them one download.

    Would that work?

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