Membership + Gravity Forms integration


I tried following the instructions found here:

This is what I was hoping would happen:

“As noted, we’re auto-logging in the user once they register with gravity forms. Then redirecting them to the membership page.

Since membership will see them as already being logged in they’ll just be asked to select and process their subscription.”

However, in testing, it doesn’t seem to auto-login after registering with the gravity form. Even though I am redirected to the membership page after filling out the gravity form – the membership page asks me to create a username and password even though I did just that on the gravity form.

I was testing in Chrome.

So when I go to Firefox where I am logged in as a super admin, to see whether the Gravity Form created a user even though I didn’t technically complete the Membership registration, I can’t find that “new” user that was created with the Gravity Form. But, when I go back to Chrome and try to fill out the Gravity Form again, it tells me that the new user already exists.

Please advise. Thanks in advance for your help!