Membership Help


I have just set up the Membership plugin, all is good mostly but have couple of issues

1) We have buddypress installed and using the extended profiles. On the register page the buddypress fields are there but after logging in if you go to edit profile it's only showing the default WP profile fields - how do I get it to open the buddypress fields?

2) I have 3 levels set up, Member, Advertiser, Guest. The Guest is assigned in the options to allow public access. The Member is the only level we want going through subscriptions, they pay x amount per month - they are both all good.

Advertisers have free membership but we'd like them to register through a separate form so they don't get the subscription options and also we can have different required fields for them to the members. I have the standard register form set up for them to use, which works fine. If I go to the normal users section in WP it shows their access level as Advertiser.

Problem is that I go to Edit Members under Membership options and it's showing blank under the Membership Level column. I'm assuming this means the Membership plugin isn't recognising them as an 'Advertiser' as far as what content they can access. Does the member plugin not fully pickup on registrations that come through the WP registration form? I have changed the names of the standard wordpress roles of Subscriber & Contributor to Member & Advertiser - would this have anything to do with it?