[Membership] how to allow users to renew their subscription manually?


I have a Subscription set up on this site that lasts for one year, then moves users to a "Renewal" Level indefinitely (this is intended to show them some text cues, etc. to help them to renew their account).

If they want to renew early (before the 1 year is up), the renewal form tells them that their subscription expires on a certain date, and does not give them an option to renew.

If they wait until the 1 year is up, then they are moved to the Renewal Level indefinitely. The renewal form tells them their subscription is indefinite, and again doesn't give them the option to renew.

I added the Renewal Level because otherwise their subscription would expire and there was no option to renew without signing up for the site again (with a new username, email, password, etc.)

Do you have any ideas to allow them to manually renew their account? Thanks!