Membership - how to batch create (or import) users

I'm setting a site with the Membership plugin for the first time, and I've got a bunch of users I need to create.

I know I can use the Batch Create plugin to make them WPMU users... BUT... the problem I'm running into is how to automatically add them to a Membership Subscription or a Membership level.

Right now, I'm having to wait until they click the link in their email to authorize/accept their WPMU account and then manually go to Membership >> Edit members and add their membership level.

Is there any way to automate this so that they automatically get assigned to either a subscription or a membership level when I create their user account?

  • nicheti

    Hi Guys - I'm looking to do something similar as well. I have a couple thousand users on a non-wordpress based website that I need to batch create on a new wordpress website. It would be great to be able to assign them all membership levels and expiration dates for their membership levels as part of the batch create process.

    Also, regarding the current functionality of the plugin: if I were to batch create several thousand users (I'd want them all on my main site, and I know each of their usernames, passwords, and email addresses), does the plugin automatically email each of them to let them know they are know users on my site, or can they just become members without getting system generated emails? What I'm planning to do if the "batch create" plugin doesn't help me with the membership levels and expiration dates is to (1) batch create all the users, (2) go to members and add a level for each member, and then (3) go into the database and manually enter in the information for each one's expiration date.


  • nicheti

    I don't envision the new users getting a subscription through PayPal when batch created. I just see them getting a subscription (i.e., one of the subscription options created within the Membership Plugin) on the new wordpress website. Then, when their subscription expires (i.e. the one that was specified when they were batch created or migrated into the new website), they will need to repurchase their membership (via the Membership plugin) which will create the subscription in the PayPal system.

    I have several thousand users (currently on a non-wordpress website) I need to migrate to a wordpress website running the membership plugin...and it will be key to make sure that their existing subscriptions (originally created on the non-wordpress website) expire at the correct time on the new wordpress then they can go in and create a new subscription that is linked to PayPal recurring billing.

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