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Hello guys,

This is a very specific setting to set with Membership plugin which I need an initial help. I used to go with wp-emember plugin which is awesome but can't help us on this challenge.

I'll tell my story and hopefully you guys can help me out on the initial settings:

I have contributors across country. Many. We sell paintings and these contributors need access to the same painting sometimes at the same time even they are located remotely. So, Membership should be able to separate each one of these contributors at the time they logged in and show a particular painting to a customer. The other particular thing is this single painting gets different prices. See? The same image but with a different description price (info default field) accessed by many contributors in different locations perhaps at the same time.

How to deal with this situation where each contributor should get his particular price but with the same content (image on this case)?

It's like to sell a same image more than twice or 3 times but each with a different price and me and you can't see each other price. :slight_smile:

After the painting has been sold, media should automatically be unavailable so others contributors can't sell it.

I'm looking forward to hear you guys.

Thanks in advance.

  • Alexander

    Hi @Eduardo,

    I'm not sure Membership is what you need here. Membership is a great solution for providing access to your site's content based on a paid subscription. However, once a user signs up, they'll get access to all content on a particular level. There isn't a way to do this per user.

    Also, Membership doesn't work with individual products. It's more of a way to block access to existing articles, documents, embedded videos. etc.

    If you're selling individual products, you may wish to look into something like MarketPress:

    Membership can still protect users from viewing the products.

    Your next challenge is the price being different per customer. This would really require that you create multiple versions of the product at different prices. At that point, there wouldn't be a way to remove the other versions automatically.

    Overall, this is a very custom project. It might be better to hire a developer to spec the project and do some customizations for you. If you need to hire a developer, I'd strongly recommend checking our our job boards:

    Best regards,

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