Membership in multisite

In a multisite environment where the user joins on a subsite how can a user join the primary site without creating a new account?

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    Hi Eric! Thank you for posting this important question :slight_smile:

    My fellow team milady @KimberlyL and team mate @Timothy added this exact topic recently to the Membership Usage Manual (in PDF). A special thank you also to @Barry for assisting to answer this question.

    Can Membership installation control access to my Multisite Sites?
    Page 61

    Let me know if you need any further assistance.

    Have a great day!


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    Hey there.

    If Membership is to function on each site to control that site then you don't need to do the multisite config because thats for one access rules all type thing.

    So for example if you allow your members to have their own install of Membership, you wouldn't do that.

    So what you can do instead....

    Install Membership on the main site and then rather than them creating a new account they would either use the stranger level or you get them to signup with a free subscription.

    So you would create the Access Level and the free subscription, they log in and select that then process through.

    Take care.

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