Membership Installation

Hi, Thanks beforehand for help and please help.

I downloaded and unzipped the Membership1.04 pluggin.

I need help to tell me HOW to install it. I know this might be a stupid question, but I have downloaded Membership multiple times just in case the files are corrupted or something, and NONE of it came with install.txt or readme. I would be very appreciative if someone can email me the install.txt if you have one.

I need to know:

1) where to put the membership folder,

2) where to put the membershipincludes folder,

3) where to put all those little files inside the membershipincludes folder,

4) and finally to confirm that membershippremium.php should be placed in mu-pluggin folder, right?

Please please do not tell me to read the installation instructions webpage again. Those pages only told me to refer to install.txt for specific instructions, and the only instructions from was:

update-notifications.php – goes in /wp-content/mu-plugins –

which does not get membership pluggin working at all.


1) Place the files in the specified directories


Yes, I am feeling very embaressed to admit I can’t even get my first professionally developed wordpress pluggin from here installed on my wordpress.

Please please be nice. Thanks again very very much. I am not a developer and will require fairly specific step by step instructions. Thanks again, and sorry I have to bother. But I really really do not want to see my over 150USD go to waste.