Membership Invite Code Field Repeats for every BP Custom Field

This is a follow up to my previous post here:

I have a client website running Membership and BuddyPress where I'm trying to use the Membership Invite Code. Whenever I have the Invite Code active the Invite Code field appears on the registration page once for every BP Custom Field.

So instead of one "Invite Code" field we currently get 4 :slight_frown:

Suggestions in the previous thread were to disable all themes & plugins which I've now tested. The problem still occurs when I set the theme to twenty-ten, disable all plugins except for BuddyPress and Membership and disable all BuddyPress options except for the extended profiles.

I'm at a loss here. For some reason either Membership or BuddyPress is repeating the Invite Code custom field in BuddyPress.

Does anyone else here have a Membership + BuddyPress site with custom fields that they could turn on the Invite code and check if it's happening on your site too?

Here's a 90 second video describing and demonstrating the problem:

I have a bunch of reward points for anyone who can resolve this.