Membership is activated on install

Have just installed membership (1.0.5) and activated site wide so other blogs can use.

In membership >> membership I have left the plugin ‘disabled.’ as per instructions.

I can see the main site but only when logged in. No one else can see the main site and all other sites are affected… ie: have the pages stripped only showing the framework of the page.

I can see only those sites that have been set up by me under the admin account all others I just get the header and some of the sidebar.

On customer blogts, it seems that logging in does not make any difference and there is no membership in the nav bar of the admin area.

Should this be in the plugins folder or mu-plugs? I have it in plugins.

I think the issues might be related to the fact I installed this some time ago then uninstalled it so maybe telling me how to do a complete uninstall so I can try again or does anyone know what the problem may be?