Membership is giving me nightmares

I have two menu's set up one for non paid and one for paid.

Then I have 4 access levels set up. Stranger Level 1 Level 2 and Community Manager.

I haven't done anything with Community manager yet. I think I have Stranger/visitor set correctly.

Level 1 and Level 2 don't give me the menu I have set. It's different so I'm really unclear about what pages I'm either protecting or not protecting with the membership plugin.

What I thought I was doing was setting the main menu tabs. Then each page I could either turn on or off for level 1 and 2

Actually I have one member who I just tried adding level 1 and it limited the tabs showing. He is currently added at Level 2 twice one is bolded. I'll add some screen shots as soon as I post this.

I can't get past this either my lack of understanding of the plugin. or it's inability to work properly. I'm always open to user error but some clarity would be helpful.