Membership is not "TAKING OVER" enough processes

Ok. I started another topic because my other one is getting absolutely NO LOVE at all. I've once again been forced by Membership's "issues" to change my entire structure and plan for a membership site.

So here's the latest...

I gave up my plans for a free level and a basic level, which were going to be able to Upgrade to an Expert level. Due to issues with Membership, I only now have 1 level, the Expert membership. Which should be simple enough...Right?

So here's the problem now. I'm using Buddypress, the latest, and it requires you to have a page for registration called Register. Membership asks that you create a page called Signup and put the code [subscriptionform]. Well, standard areas with signup links on Buddypress (BP top nav bar, header button in Blogs MU, etc.) don't get taken over by Membership and still go to the Register page which we of course do not want, because that's the BP controlled signup. So I changed the Register page to None in BP settings (which now gives you an annoying error message about the Register page in admin but whatever). I then installed a plugin to forward the Register page to which works fine. Those links now get to my Membership plugin Signup page via the re-routed Register page.

Then, the next problem is that Membership is not really taking over anything else that normally would be handled by BP or WP. It seems like either "Register", as part BP settings, is active and these things work or Register is not active and they do not work. For example, User clicks on Create Site, in the Sites area on the form, just goes to the home page, even in the backend admin area at My Sites, it says "Create a Site" but the link will not redirect to a new blog sign up page. It will if I reactivate the Register page in BP settings. I even tried putting the [subscriptionform] on the Register page and removing the forward I place on it, but BuddyPress wins that battle and shows its sign up page so users would not get the payment process or entered into Membership.

In addition, a user can't create new Groups or Private Message either, same issue.

All of these things are possible if I use BP Register, not if I disable it in favor of Membership. I can only guess that as Membership is supposed to "take over" these processes from Buddypress once installed, it isn't. I am having to try to re-route links, create the user blogs manually, create user's groups manually.

The only thing that works is that a new member can sign up and pay via Paypal and I see them in the members area of Membership. And they are Active as they should be. Beyond that, having Membership active seems to have it's price, which is all other processes mentioned are not working.

Yes, I have the proper add-ons Activated, buddypress rules, main admin rules, all Active. I have Blog Creation and Group Creation, Private Messaging, set in the Positive area, etc.

Yes, I have disabled all plugins, many times, reinstalled, downloaded the plugin again yesterday and overwrote the files, started over and much more.

I'm sure it has something to do with the new BuddyPress update because for a short time on another site, these things worked.

This is all way harder than it should be, especially since I have reduced my site structure down to a bare minimum just to try to get it to work. I hope there's some things coming out soon to get Membership improved. I use only wpmudev plugins and themes on all my site and all are the latest versions. This site in particular has blogs mu, membership, and buddypress only.