membership level allows for having a site

I'm wanting to have a certain level of membership allow a person to have their own site in Multisite. Can this be done? That is, if a person pays for a certain level of membership, then they have their own wordpress blog in the multisite.

  • dehilster
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    What is the blog creation rule?

    There is Pro Site and Membership and they supposedly work together. I'm very confused on how to use these. If a person pays for a membership X, I want that membership X to allow them to have a blog. This seems to be very similar to Pro Site. HELP!

  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there @dehilster,

    The Blog creation rule is in membership > access levels > add new, or edit a existing one.

    If you add the blog creation rule as a positive rule it'll allow the user to create a site.

    Pro Sites and Membership do conflict on this if your using both on the main site, if you have Pro sites active, you should use that and then membership should be used on a sub site.

    Or you could disable Pro Sites and just use Membership.

    In which case, make sure you have membership network activated and then in the access level > edit, under the administration rules, there is a blog creation rule, just drag that to the positive section to allow them to create a blog,


    Kind Regards

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