Membership level text problems

The 'membership level text' widget doesn't seem to be doing what I had hoped it would do.

First up, let me explain the membership levels. There are only two - Free and VIP Member. In the plugin settings I have it set so that 'strangers' get the Free member level content.

I added a widget that is set to display to 'Free' member level only. As strangers are given that level, I assumed it would display to anyone who wasn't logged in. That doesn't work though - it doesn't display at all, regardless of whether you are logged in as a free member or not logged in at all. If I set it to display to non-logged in people then it still displays when you log in as a free member.

It also displays the Tweetmeme 'retweet' link inside the widget which is a little strange.

What I'm trying to achieve is this:

Visitors to the site should see any content that isn't specifically for 'VIP Members'. With that in mind, I think that I have to set 'strangers' to the free member level, otherwise they will not see any content.

If someone isn't logged in they should see the content of the widget, which is a link to the login form and a link to register. Once they do log in I want them to see a different widget which will indicate that they are logged in and perhaps have a link to upgrade.

Basically, I don't want logged in members to still see the login link.

I'd also like to get rid of that Tweetmeme link :slight_smile:

The site is at

  • DavidM
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    Hello there teckyhead,

    Visiting your site currently, I see what I assume is that non-member login widget. Is the issue resolved at this point?

    In case it's not, regarding your Free level members seeing the same widget as Strangers, you could possibly create a separate level for Strangers that's setup the same as the Free level. This way, your Free members, the ones who are logged in, won't see the Strangers level widgets and vice versa.

    I'll await your response since I'm not sure if it's actually resolved or not at this point, but I hope this does help.


  • teckyhead
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    Hello David,

    I did get it working but there were a couple of extra steps I needed to do (may be useful for future reference).

    I think the stumbling block was that the member level text widget doesn't seem to identify a logged in member unless they have a subscription. With this in mind I ended up with the following member levels and subscriptions:

    Member Levels
    Guest <-- These are 'strangers'
    Free Member
    VIP Member

    VIP Member

    I think one of the things I missed (not sure if it's in the installation docs) was that there is a 'Free Subscriptions' gateway - I tend to scan a bit sometimes and may have missed it. When I did see it and use it, it was a little confusing as the default image for the free subscription is a PayPal payment button. That would be enough to scare most people away from subscribing - I know that I'd think someone was trying to trick me into some sort of free trial. The developers probably should change that to a 'Join Free' button :slight_smile:.

    Now that problem is sorted, but I still have the problem of a Tweetmeme button showing in the widget. I'll start a separate post for that as it isn't related to the topic of this post.


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