Membership Level Visitors - Users Blocked From All Pages


I have WPMUDev Membership installed at, I've been using it successfully for some time until now I also have WooCommerce install and it's causing a problem.

-We use Membership for Online Pilates classes and have 3 levels of access including visitors
- WooCommerce for advance Pilates class payments.

When users login who haven't got a Membership level but they do have a valid user account, for purchasing classes online they get the attached error.
- This error shows when user do not have the correct membership level
- I have 3 levels of membership one of which is Visitors
- I have set negative page rules for visitors so that the only pages they can't see are the Online Courses, so visitors should have access to all of the other pages.

How do stop registered users from being prevented access to all the other pages, aren't users by default visitors if they don't have a membership level?