membership levels not in register form

I have watched the tutorial videos but cant figure out what is going on here. On my site ( I have a 'Register' link in the main nav. In chrome, clicking that takes me back to the home page, but in Safari it at least takes me to a registration page. The problem with the form in Safari is that it doesnt display the available membership levels, just username, email and password and name.

I would like to accomplish the following on the register. page:
1. Show the available membership levels and then process payment if they select one that is not free
2. Change the URL of the page to /register not /register-3 (I see the edit button when I am editing the page, but it is not letting me save the changes. Also I tried placing yellow text on that page just to make sure it would show on the front end, but it made no difference.)
3. Figure out why it is not linking correctly in chrome (maybe a caching issue?)
4. I will want to add custom profile fields as well, but I think that requires an additional plugin to be installed first, and maybe best saved for a later question if I cant figure it out.

Thanks! You guys are great!