Membership: LOGIN - What is the easyest way to make it professionel?

I set up membership and it works great.

Then I realise there is no log in page - the users have to use the WP-ADMIN for log in, and furthermore they will see the wordpress dashboard and top bar.......

I want the website to look complete and professional and wp-admin log in and dash board does not support that.

- I looked at the "login message" plug in but found it far from sufficient, then I tried Tailored log in from ithemes and realized, " this still look like wordpress log in"
--------> Isnt it possible to have a log in that does not look like a wordpress log in.... a log in that is integrated in website design?

- Then when the user gets logged in they see the cheap looking wordpress dashboard thing.
Ok, I used your redirect log in plug in and it works like a charm. But they it still have the wordpress top menu and could access the dashboard.
Then I used the WP hide dashboard and yes they can not access the dash board but members/subscribers still have that stupid WP topmenu bar.
------> How to remove the Dashboard wordpress and topmenu completely for the members/subscibers?

Suggestion for the future: Since there is an integrated edit profile page named /account/ that looks great (So the members dont need a WP profile) would it not be possible to make the membership login integrated also