[Membership] MailChimp integration GDPR issue

I enabled "MailChimp integration" and set up "Automatically opt-in new users to the mailing list."

I also use option "Enable account verification".
This force all registered users to first verify their emails before login.
But users are added to MailChimp even if they did not verified the account.

I know there is an text below "Automatically opt-in new users to the mailing list.":
Users will not receive an email confirmation. You are responsible to inform your users.

So this is my responsibility to inform user in first register email that he is automaticly added to MailChimp even if user did not confirm account.
But this is against GDPR.
Is there any walkaround for this?

Also it's not very "safe" to show the MailChimp API key without encryption - it's shown in the backend but maybe there is a way in future versions to remove the last characters or hide them?

Thank you.