Membership + Marketpress + Appointments+

Here is the brief outline of the use as I understand it from using Marketpress

Uses API login credentials to use chained payments configured under network admin-> settings -> marketpress

I can specify the percentage collected from all market press transactions in my network and substores

I am able to receive commission on Appointments made since they are purchased through the store check out system set up in appointments plus under Appointments->Settings -> Marketpress integration to enable them in the store.

This give me commission on the appointments set yes?

I am able to receive commission on Sales made in the store so this should be case with the appointments yes?

I would like the same functionality for the integration into Membership specifically with.

All memberships/subscription packages will be made into a product and the commission taken globally as set up before will be taken from memberships and recurring fees.

The functionality can be done in affiliates the issue is instead of people being affiliates of the main store and me linking to each page is that the individual trainers are marketing their own store are doing so through using their url IE

and not just referring to have it click on an affiliate link to the main store page to purchase.

The only way i have even tried to get this to work is to have a coupon for each subscription I provide be sent to the purchaser of a product to give a free option for membership only after purchasing a product from the store with the same info.

In sum I need to receive commission on all sales including memberships site wide not just the appointments and the marketpress ones.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    thanks for posting.

    i haven't ever used chained payments, but yes i believe you have correctly described it.

    however currently membership doesn't work like that, but i have seen discussion relating to that. not sure if you were the same person discussing this with Tom in live chat, but i did see a post on our internal forums relating to this type of request. so i think this might be already on the feature requests. however currently it wouldn't be possible.

    i can't provide an ETA though, but is definitely being discussed.

    hope this helps.


  • ericwied1
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    I am the one who was speaking to tom on this.

    I am willing to pay for this feature to be completed as this directly hinders me using the plugins the way I intend for them to be used.

    I have discussed with tom on the possibility of using ProSites for charging a fee to be a trainer but this is not ideal as it requires them to sell training to break even minimum I want the ability to list all the trainers online and only collect a percentage that way its no cost to them.

    I also need to have the ability for each client they sign up as a user to be able to access only that stores resources IE training material this is why the set up of a network wide membership using global tables wont work as I cannot protect the individual posts and pages to the access levels set by the trainer in the membership plugin. It also doesn't allow for them to manage their own clients.

    Once again we are willing to pay to have this completed.


  • ericwied1
    • Flash Drive

    Break Down of site configuration

    main site
    list trainers and packages available

    Sub site
    memberships sold
    store items sold
    appointments set
    training materials

    The only function of the main site is to create links that point to the trainers "pages" subsites and have a member sign up there.

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