Membership + MarketPress = Stripe Payment Gateway?


I thought I read somewhere that installing MarketPress enabled Stripe as a payment gateway for Membership and for Appointments.

I installed all three and when setting up Membership and/or Appointments Stripe is *NOT* a payment gateway option.

As usual, please tell me what I missed.

This is one of those cases where the promise on the first page of WPMUDEV plugins descriptions is difficult to actually implement out of the in it's not a turnkey promise, but a dig in, read and read, and then ask support to help me find what I missed. Again.

Sorry, it gets frustrating that you can't install the plugins and automatically get what the first page says is there.

Thank you,


  • Michelle Shull

    Hey Chris!

    First off, I'm sorry for any confusion when setting up our plugins. Let me try to clarify how these three plugins work together.

    MarketPress does have Stripe available as a payment gateway, and you can integrate Appointments+ with Marketpress (so appointments are products) to pay for appointments with Stripe.

    Membership is able to be integrated with Appointments+, so members can get a discount on Appointments+ fees, if you charge for appointments.

    Membership has it's own payment gateways, as of right now we have integrated memberships with MarketPress, so they can be treated/paid for as products.

    Protected Content, however, which is a similar plugin to Membership, does come with Stripe payment integration.

    I hope this clears up how our integrations work, please hop in with more questions if that's all not quite clear yet.

    Thanks for being a member!

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi Chris!

    I know most, if not all, members of the dev team are huge fans of Stripe, for the reasons you mention here, and how easy their API is on the dev side, compared to PayPal's, especially. We've added Stripe to MarketPress and ProtectedContent (a cousin of Membership) just since I started working here in August. I know it's a popular and frequent request to add it to Membership.

    I'm not privvy to an exact ETA, or even confirmation that it's on the definite list of future features, but knowing how vocally my co-workers prefer Stripe over PayPal, I would say it's a pretty safe bet it'll happen.

    You mentioned that your read that Membership had Stripe integration already, can you point me to where that was?