Membership - Members dashboard/login page content

i have managed to get my page up, payment button is working. People join and meet the dashboard.

1. how do I get rid of everything on the dashboard and add my own words instead?
Right now it shows WordPress News, comments and activity.

2. On the left is a link to their profile. I would also like a link to the content they have access to, to appear on the left.

For example I have set up a page called webinar members. I want to put the details of the webinar on that page along with any downloads.

So if they signed up for a webinar it will say webinar on the left, if they signed up for my clinic it will say clinic.

Is that possible? I need to have something else and not this dashboard present.

I have set up a webinar right now and I will send people who join emails so they are at least getting something but I would like my login page to look better.

If I can't have a separate login page for the different subscription levels (which is what I want) then I at least want to use the dashboard and have the relevant membership level appear in the left hand sidebar or some kind of decent welcome page.

I don't understand, after people join, how they are meant to find the content they paid for if there is no welcome page.

Please let me know what is possible.