Membership -members see 'protected content' after logging in

Membership2 Pro plugin question – Setting up a site that should only be viewable to logged-in members. I set all the pages, including the homepage, to be viewable only to registered members. Have been testing it with coworkers. Made them members with subscription permissions so that they should see everything in the site. So far, so good.

But, when these users try to log in, they enter user/pswd and then the first view of the site is a ‘protected content’ page. They can only get in to see the site content of other pages via the menu/sidebar links.

The pages are protected but the members have permissions to view them. So my first question is why the homepage would be blocked as protected content for logged in users with the correct permissions?

And second, where/how to fix it? Not clear what to look for to troubleshoot. When I used the Test Membership viewer it showed that nonmembers should be seeing ‘Protected content’ message, but the members should be seeing the page. But this is not what the users are experiencing.