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I’m debugging my website’s membership settings. I have a Membership Premium installed on a WordPress multisite and it’s network activated. All of the sites created by users are private and require a log in.

I allow members to add users to each of their blogs for team collaboration but this is controlled outside of the membership plugin. None of the members can view the membership admin bar on their individual site. I’ve also added the Admin Menu add-on to control what members can and can’t see in the administration panel.


For some reason, the administration panel doesn’t control what members can and can’t see on their individual blogs. On the main root site, subscribers can only see certain information but on the subdomain blogs, they can see everything. Is there a way for membership to limit what certain roles see on subdomains?


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    Other Challenges:

    I’ve identified a possible loophole in membership. Currently I have the following limitations on blog creation:

    1. Free – 0 Sites

    2. Basic – 15 sites

    3. Plus – 35 sites

    4. Premium – 100 sites

    5. Maximum – Unlimited

    I allow members to create an unlimited number of users for their individual blogs. But whenever a member creates a user in an individual blog, I can’t control how many blogs that person creates because they fall outside of the membership system.

    Is there a way to ensure that new users created by members have limitations set up by membership?

    I’ve tried to get around this by creating membership rules within subdomains on individual blogs. But for some reason, when I create new access levels, a message appears saying that the access level has been created but the new access level doesn’t appear.

    When I’ve debugged this, I discovered that the table is never created but membership thinks that it has. So now when I go to edit a user within that blog I get the following errors:

    Table ‘qpconnec_wrd2.wp_19_m_membership_relationships’ doesn’t exist

    NOTICE: wp-content/plugins/membership/membershipincludes/classes/class.communication.php:534 – Undefined variable: user_id

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    We’re really glad that you are using the Membership Plugin! And really sorry you are having issues.

    However the good news is that Membership is undergoing a major overhaul and will be landing any day now!

    I do know that Membership has limitations across multisite and is meant to be one install per site, that could be why you are having trouble linking the main settings and subsite.

    At any rate you will be getting a MUCH better product soon! Keep your eyes peeled for the new release!



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    Well, I did figure out that if I did that membership add-on for repairing tables that I could get most things working properly.

    Glad to hear you’re updating the plugin. If you’re still considering functions, please consider the following:

    1. Allow subdomain administrators to add new users through the membership portal. Have that new user registered at the global root level automatically.

    2. Currently, even if I restrict the menu options in the access levels on a subdomain, if the user is smart enough to know the link, they can still access that admin menu that I’ve restricted. For example, the admin panel won’t have the Themes link but it can still be accessed and the themes link still appears in the tool bar.

    Hopefully, these are addressed by the next plugin update.

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    I was able to make this work using the WP Roles add-on and combining that with a customized version of the plugin User Role Editor.

    User Role Editor manages the capabilities of role and then once I have the capabilities set for the roles, I created an access level that was assigned to that role.

    To avoid the end user having to use the Repair Membership add-on, I created a template using the New Blog Template plugin from this site. I had to make sure that I transferred the membership tables and other plugin tables in the Advanced settings.

    Still working out some kinks but this is much better than it was before.

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