Membership Mu - single member table

I have created a wordpress mu site (folder based) without www. prefix and modified config files for wp and membership as follows:-


Also I have deleted the m_installed option within your wp-options table.

This seems to okay.

The issue regards restricting content. On the main site seems to be no problem at all.

However, the restricted content is in the sub folder sites and I don't seem to be able to restrict access to this using url groups.

I have added negative rules to the visitor level using urls , regular expressions with no success.

for e.g.*)*)

I can live with visitors accessing the home page of a sub site, but not anything else.

Could you please advise as to where I am going wrong.



  • Alexander


    I don't have a Multisite Membership test site ready to go, but I'll put one together so I can help test this on my end. I don't have the answer to this one off the top of my head, but I'll be able to find out for you.

    Can you quickly verify a few things for me?

    Do you have Membership network activated?

    Are you running the latest version of both Wordpress and Membership?

    What are the exact URL patterns you've been trying, and which have you had success with on the main site, but not sub sites?

    Now, I can't confirm this, as I haven't tested, but my assumption would be that the patterns are still calculated from the root of the domain. You may need to extra patterns on new lines for each sub site.

    Anyways, just let me know on the few things above and we'll get this underway.

    Best regards

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