Membership Multisite Settings How to ?


I just wanted to ask about setting up the membership plugin for a multisite setup.

I have configured site a and the membership works perfectly. However when you visit site b I get a white screen.
Do I need to go into site b admin and configure the membership plugin there too?
Tad confused as the instructions dont mention multisite.

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    So you're getting a blank screen with no information at all?

    If the other site is working, this sound more like a memory limit error. Can you get to the dashboard of the second site? If you can, try disabling any other plugins it's using and change to a default Wordpress theme. See what happens when you pull up the front page at this point.

    Let me know how this goes. At this point I don't think it's a problem with membership, rather that you might have a little too much going on for the server to handle. If we can verify this, we can try to increase the memory limit next. If it's still broken, I have some other ideas.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Best regards, Alexander Rohmann


    Hi Alexander

    Thanks for your replies.

    Yes the blanks screen has no information at all just a white screen (of death

    I can access the second site with my admin account but "visitors" and "standard members" get the white screen.

    Disabling the membership plugin stops the white screen and access is as normal.

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    Ok I see what's happening, (took a look at this while I was working on the other site)

    Membership on Multisite actually needs to be setup per site. This way each site can setup their own subscriptions and access levels. So you have the membership protection enabled, but none of the initial setup has been done yet. I clicked "disable" within the Membership settings on the second site. It should now come up for visitors. After you do the basic setup, you can re-enable it and everything should work great!

    Best regards, Alexander Rohmann


    Alexander you are a legend!! Many thanks indeed!
    As my site B only allows logged in members to do anything I do not need to set any membership details at all. Just leaving it turned off and changing all login links to site A seems to do the trick.

    Thanks again.

    Kind regards


    I am facing the exact same issue right now.

    First, thanks for the clarification about per-site setup.
    Second, that only gets the job half done.

    May I suggest to add this option to the plugin:
    - if network activated and within the primary blog dashboard, allow activation of site-wide coverage which disables per-site settings.

    While a site provider might like the per-site option as in selling it as an individual feature, a network site operator who needs to be in control of all sites can't make use of it at all.

    Example: a main site, a community sub-site which hosts BuddyPress and some other sub-sites. Here the problem already ruins the setup of running BP on a sub-site if a simple permission requirement would be to permit access to all BP pages only to non-visitor level members, i.e register/login on main site first before gaining access to the community sub-site.

    I think the plugin could advance to a next level by accommodating both per-site and network-wide.