Membership, New Blog Template, BP 1.5.1: Create blog at signup.


Environment: BP 1.5.1, Membership plugin, Pro Sites, New Bog Template, Scholar theme, all current maint.

I would like for a new user to be able to create a blog at signup with Membership handling the Levels/Subscriptions and New Blog Template to setup the default site template that will get used.

Pro Sites (nice work) would allow me to add the purchase of Pro Support to the signup form (among many other things).

With Membership installed I have set the Network Settings to "Registration is disabled" to ensure that Membership and not BuddyPress handles the enrollment. I think this is required.

After some searching, it seems that I can't add the "create a blog" option to Signup, but need to provide new registered users with a linl to /blogs/create/ so that they can create a blog. I'm pretty sure that BP allows for blog creation at signup, but with Membership handling enrollment this is not possible. Is this correct or have I missed something? Maybe the BP Pages Registration component figures in here somehow/

Larry .