Membership: New user default subscription level


I'm just about to use your 'Batch Create' plugin to import 1,500 members to our site to give them access to exclusive content.

To do so, I've set the Membership plugin up so that all users are assigned a 'Members' subscription plan on signup.

Exclusive content is handled in the php files:

- I've set up a custom field checkbox for 'members only' content so that admins don't need to worry about shortcodes.
- I was using trying the functions 'current_user_is_member()' or 'current_user_has_subscription()' to display the content

Content appears for me as I am a super user, but doesn't for the test user I just set up.

I was able to make the content appear for the test user by manually assigning the same subscription level to them (so that the 'set as default' message goes away), but I'd rather an access level was just added when the user is created.

Any help would be appreciated.