Membership New User Signup Error

I set up all my subscriptions and member levels and went for a trial run. I have the signup form set to popup which it does nicely. When I enter information into the new user fields and hit the Register My Account button the popup changes to an all white background with the following text:

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in C:\Inetpub\vhosts\\httpdocs\wp-content\plugins\membership\membershipincludes\classes\membershipadmin.php on line 7294

I have tried repairing membership's tables in the Options->Advanced tab.


  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    When I enter information into the new user fields

    Sorry is this a new user field?

    Or a new users username field?

    Just wondering if something custom was done?

    I see you're using PATHINFO Permalinks rather than Pretty Permalinks, so you have no access to mod_rewrite?

    I don't have the error you get, and PATHINFO along with the theme seems to be the main difference on the surface.

    Does it work within the default Twenty Eleven theme? Just wondering about possible conflicts.

    Do you have a link to where the reg form is?

    Which version of WordPress and the plugin?

    Let me know.

    Take care.

  • max_power
    • New Recruit

    Alright, let's start with the basics:

    WordPress Version 3.4.2
    Membership Premium Version 3.3
    As for PATHINFO I have no idea, but this is hosted on Windows (not my choice) so I don't think it has mod_rewrite.

    This error happens when I go to my sign up page
    and click the sign up button. I have the sign up form set to be a pop-up, which it does properly and asks to either register or log in to complete the purchase. I actually have two problems at this point:

    #1: If I use an account that has been created already and log in it takes me to the confirm subscription details page where I could apply a coupon if I have one, but it doesn't have the actual sign up link (button, whatever, see attached screen shot NoFinishButton.png). So I can't ever finish a subscription sign up.

    #2: If I try to register for a new account I can fill in the various fields (username, email, password) and when I push the Register My Account button the popup loads and I get that error (see attached screens RegisterPopupFilled.png and RegisterPopupError.png).

    I get the same error if I use the TwentyEleven theme. Going with the error message it looks as if some object of type WP_Error is being passed to a function that expects an array, which appears to be in this block:

    if(!empty($error)) {
    				//sendback error
    				echo json_encode( array('errormsg' => $error[0]) );
    			} else {
    				// everything seems fine (so far), so we have our queued user so let's
    				// move to picking a subscription - so send back the form.
    				echo $this->popover_sendpayment_form( $user_id );

    at the echo json_encode( array( 'errormsg' => $error[0]) ); line. It looks like the registration process is encountering some error, but the error handling function is not set up for the correct object type.

    At this point any help would be good. I'm open to doing away with subscriptions entirely (mainly because I don't need them, this will be a free registration site and no payments will be handled here, only new user registrations with Invite Codes [which there doesn't seem to be a place to enter during the sign up process, but one problem at a time]). I will only have one membership level and one subscription so if we could just skip to the new user registration and invite code code part that would be great. Then I could have people register and get access which is all I need to happen (all I need Membership to do is filter content for users that have access and users that don't).


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