membership: non-level-specific shortcode per subscription?

This seems like an obvious feature, but I'm not seeing it. Isn't there a shortcode that applies regardless of which level of the subscription a member is active in?

I want [subscription1] content [/subscription1] to display content for users of every level in subscription1.

  • Brian Purkiss

    I believe shortcode restricted content is only based on levels - not subscriptions. It's setup this way so you can create multiple subscription plans with different prices based on subscription time and give all of them the same access level.

    So if you want to display content for a subscription, you'll need to create an access level specific to that subscription.

    Nonetheless, I can see how this would be useful. Say you set up a single access level with three different price points and wanted to display different information as a bonus for purchasing a year subscription rather than a month by month subscription.

    I'll pass it onto the developer for consideration to be added in a future version.

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