Membership not allowing access to pages

Okay. I am at my wits end with this plugin. I have a trial user subscription level and negative rules set for this access level.

When I attempt to access a page under a trial subscription I get the protected content message. I have tried everything. Somebody please help.

  • Tim Roberts

    free level? that can imply two things:

    1. restricted content for a visitor, someone browsing the site without registration.
    2. someone who is registered, but is at the free level "visitor" subscription.
    3. someone is on a limited trial membership, with access to certain pages, but they have not given us any money yet.

    The 3rd option is the one I am dealing with. I have deleted the access level and then reconfigured it providing access to all pages. It allowed the access. Then when I edited the access levels to restrict three pages, it would not restrict those pages. I honestly do not understand. I want to believe in this plugin because there are so many here on your site and I want to use a one stop shop for my needs. But this is just frustrating as hell.

  • Tim Roberts

    by the way, I have watched all of your tutorials within the last 2 weeks. i have also read the PDF documentation. i have followed the configuration instructions to the letter. it would seem that the edit functionality is not updating. i cannot figure it out and i cannot start making money. i am already 2 weeks behind schedule because of this problem and support is not very quick and I there is no number to call.

  • Charlie Pryor

    Hi Tim!

    I'm not actually a support guy, but I decided to do a random search for "video" in the search bar and saw your query. I figured since I made the video series, I might be able to help somehow (maybe). I'm not a developer or anything, so bare with me.

    I just visited your site (it's really well laid out by the way), but I've noticed that, without even having an account at all, I can still access all those pages you've shown us are unchecked.

    Have you disabled them for visitors even?

    Since you are trying to remove access to pages for this category, I recommend using Negative Rules instead of Positive. Not only will there be far less boxes and stuff to manage, but this is exactly what I used when demoing the plugin for the video series. Of course, you've said that it does the same thing with Negative as well, which is odd since I'm not experiencing that problem and can't replicate it (not a dev).

    Be sure to set those rules for visitors too. :slight_smile:

  • Tom Eagles

    @Tim Roberts

    Hey Tim tom Jumping in why not use a reg expression on the negative rules, this way for example you could restrict the access to the category page, so visitors could see it but not the pages or posts within the category. (good sales pitch)

    you could try something like this and use a regular expression.


    It would allow access to the xyz page but protect anything under that

    This is the section in the manual to save you time.

    Regular Expression
    If any of the urls have regular expressions in them, you must enable this option.
    If we enable Regular Expressions then as an example we could protect all posts in a
    category whilst will enabling access to the category archive page.
    In the Page URLs we would enter:
    The .+ is a Regular Expression, this will allow you access to the category but then
    protect all the contents (single pages/posts/custom post type). This could be great for
    online magazine where you want your readers to see the archive page but restrict the
    goodness within to those paying subscribers.

    Here is a cool Regular Expression Cheat Sheet:

    also some threads here related to it

    Hope this helps.



  • Tim Roberts

    Hi Tom,

    This is all great, but I honestly have no clue about "regular expressions" and the original documentation does little to explain this. I am a marketing specialist with some knowledge of wordpress. I help companies improve their bottom line with value streaming / conversion chains. I am in no way a coder, but am capable of understanding documentation. I watched all of the videos associated with this plugin and read the documentation through and through. Because this is a simple, very simple site, I saw no need to explore alternative means of content restriction.

    What is missing from the documentation is a ROM section on troubleshooting. I honestly don't understand it and now am all too aware of the reason why many comments about this plugin, while positive, state that even if you watch the tutorials, it is still quite difficult to deploy. I will say this, the plugin is excellent but the comments are warranted.

    I completely de-installed the plugin and then re-installed. It seems to be working now with negative rules (there are only three access levels and three pages that need to be restricted). Although I will say that the registration pages and subscription pages do not render well (triple subscribe buttons and such). I really don't understand why there are such conflicts. I am having my developer go through it and fix it all.

    What bothers me is the cost of membership here compared to my resolution times and quality of help. I am not being disgruntled, only honest. At $79 per month, am I really getting value? I am honestly unsure and I have to say, making these kind of assessments is my profession. I am using the plugin on another site as well and will withhold final judgment based on my experience there. But at this point I am honestly disappointed with my experience.



  • Charlie Pryor

    Something definitely changed anyways... I used to be able to see it all. Now I can't see anything that you've tried to restrict in the past. I get the "Protected" page, and I have to manually input the URLS without being logged in, since the menu items no longer appear.

    Your "stranger" settings are working now anyways. I also created a trial account (just to help see) and it looks like everything from the video is still hidden from me.

    I hope somebody with more knowledge is able to clear things up more for you. Sorry your experience has been below your expectations. :slight_frown:

  • Tim Roberts

    Thanks Charlie. Yeah, I had to deinstall and then reinstall everything. I used negative rules and it seems to be holding up. We are now working on a widget for the member area and we can begin making money. But we have lost a huge opportunity over the last week with the membership issues. In any case, we will forge ahead and hopefully not experience any more issue. Thanks for taking another look. I appreciate the feedback. And I am happy you were impressed with the layout. We worked hard on it.



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