Membership not allowing BP deeper pages

Using the latest of everything.

I just noticed that Membership is not allowing me to get to the deeper pages in BuddyPress. That is, cannot create a blog, cannot go into a group (but I can join it, just can't go inside it) -- basically the same issue for forums, too. "Cannot create/enter" means I wind up at the NoAccess page, assigned in Membership options.

Tested with ALL Plugins OFF -- only BP-1.2.8 and Membership 2.0.3 turned on.

I've even recreated the registered user level, just to see if maybe a record got screwy... no joy.

Was intending to go live with my site this week, but can't with this issue...

  • Ernie
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Failed to mention above: If I disable Membership, all the BuddyPress pages work fine...

    Here's my Membership setup:
    All Positive rules, in 2 Levels, 1 subscription.
    Free Users (strangers) Level:
    BuddyPress Pages -- only Blogs selected.

    All selected except my defined codes.

    All selected.

    Some selected, not all.
    Subscriber Level:
    BuddyPress Pages -- ALL selected.

    All normal, plus adds one of my own.

    All Selected but one.

    More Tag is here.
    Group Creation is here -- no entry, so unlimited groups.

    Pirvae Messaging is here.
    Blog Creation is here -- limit of 1 (and I have tried it blank, makes no diff)

    All selected.

    All selected.

    Associated Role: Member (I've tried this with other Roles -- the only one that let's a user create a blog is Admin, which ignores Membership.)
    The only subscription uses the Subscriber Level, set for indefinite, 1 year.

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hiya Ernie, is everything working well for you with that workaround? We're trying to find out why that's occurring in some cases (I can't replicate it myself unfortunately) but if that workaround is working out well for you that's a good thing.


  • Ernie
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi David... things have been very busy for me since I went LIVE.... I haven't checked this out yet, and have been traveling. I'll be back in my office next week, and will test it, then let you know...

    thanks for your persistence!


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