Membership not allowing levels to be created

Another problem!
Although Membership installed OK I couldn't access as didn't show up in menu.
On livechat earlier was told to install the "beta" version and ensure my user nnickname was correct in membership config.

Done both. Installed OK and it's now in menu. Can change some elements BUT cannot create any Levels. The only option is the Add New button but it does nothing.

Help. If I can't get this to work I'll have to install Wishlist Member - any known problems with that & BuddyPress?

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    Hey David

    OK, activating the BuddyPress default theme allows levels to be created.

    With a level created, reactivating the theme I'm using - Business Feature 1.9.8, allows that level to be editied BUT still no new levels can be created.

    I tried this with Membership activated and deactivated - same result.

    I'm disappointed in this as I joined WPMU dev because your sales stuff says everything is tested and guaranteed to work together yet I've had difficulty with 2 plugins so far and just found another with a comment spam plugin. Not looked in detail at that one yet.

    Look forward to a fix for the membership plugin

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    Happy to do that. Can you confirm that I should deactivate & delete existing Business Feature theme first or is there some "update" procedure?

    If it needs to be deleted will all of my customisations etc be retained?


  • wizzer
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    OK, I think I need a quick explanation re child themes please.

    Inside the Business Feature theme /appearance/preset style/ there are two options:

    default.css and colours.css

    I have default.css selected in line with the guidance.

    Do either of these constitute a "child theme"?

    If not, how do I create a child theme?

    And also can you please answer my previous question re upgrade. Do I need to delete existing theme before installing new version? Otherwise I get an error that folder already exists

  • wizzer
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    Looking at my ftp I see there are already "child" theme files:


    Are these files the ones amened when using the Business Feature appearance features? If so I assume that these will NOT be lost when upgrading to the latest version.

    Some basic explanation will be very helpful.


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    OK, I've tried the theme update & Membership appears to be working OK.

    But and it's a big BUT - something has now screwed up my posts!

    Although one I already had still appears as featured on the home page when I click More it takes me to a page not found.

    I tried viewing the post from the edit but again it's not there.

    I tried adding a few more posts. Created OK, show up as featured due to the category used but the post doesn't seem to exist.

    I've never, ever seen this problem before.


    You can see the issue here (I've left 2 test posts plus the original)

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    Just a little update for you.

    I've gone through de-activating every plugin & reactivating. No change.

    I then thought maybe there was an issue with categories.

    It seems there's a conflict between the Membership Plugin and my preferred permalink :


    Although Membership was deactivated and no levels activated - my posts simply would not show up to anyone until I changed the permalink to /%postname%/

    I'm not technical enough to understand what actually happened here but I'd be very interested to know and if there's a fix so I can continue to use my preferred permalink structure.


  • wizzer
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    Is anybody in support looking at these posts?

    As much as I love the theme I'm using and the great plugins if I can't rely on getting a prompt response when things go wrong I'm going to be forced to migrate.

    I've done a quick Jing video showing the problem with my categories:

    I don't think this is a permalinks issue after all. Looks to me as though the theme upgrade / membership plugin has caused an issue with all categories

    Please let me know you've received this and are looking for a resolution

  • DavidM
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    Hello wizzer, my sincere apologies for having missed this one. I can't seem to replicate that though I'm using the following 1.1b version of Membership:

    If you could ensure you're using that version, I believe any category issues such as you mentioned should be resolved with that. And under the circumstances, I'll be more than happy to take care of that for you if you'd like to send us a user account via the contact form marked attention to David

    Again, many thanks for your patience.

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