Membership not awarded after successful payment

Hello Support,
We have the PayPal payment method activated with the Membership Pro 2.
After successful payment, the user is landed to the thank you page but the user isn't assigned the membership he paid for. Though we get the money in our paypal account.

I'm really sorry to say but support has been way below par and totally opposite to what you say about your support. This is the 3rd ticket on various issues and none of them is solved.

Please let us know whether you are going to fix this issue before my subscription expires or not.

The other outstanding items:- After the membership expires the user membership doesn't falls back to the free membership.

I have been paying for more than half a year and i am not getting much real support...
Is this your strategy to made us to keep pay you continuously...?

I am really disappointed and very sad about it...
I thought I have found a group of reliable wordpress expert that can assist me in my clients project..

Thank you,