Membership not stopping users from replying to certain classified ads


Please could I request membership to allow custom taxonomies so I can restrict access to a certain terms in the classifieds_categories taxonomy?

This would really help me right now because I currently cannot stop certain users from replying to ads which should be for advanced users only.



  • Sally

    Hi Alexander

    I've just been speaking to Ari, and he says it's not possible to block an entire classifieds category using URL groups, as it's not really a 'real' category as such, just a part of that classifieds plugin.

    Ideally, I'd like all users to be able to see the jobs listed on my site, which I was trying to do with this classifieds category, but only advanced members able to reply to the jobs. All above a free level should be able to reply to my other classifieds.

    I'm running out of options here to get this working, so if you have any suggestions at all including using a completely different plugin of some sort for the job listings, I'm all ears. I can't afford to pay anyone to do custom coding for me right now :slight_frown:

    The jobs listings, however they appear, need to inc an image, have a way of advanced users only responding using a contact form or buddypress and would be great if all users could see the jobs even though they can't all reply.



  • Sally

    Just a thought, would using the 'private classifieds' for these ads work in any way (just allowing the advanced members to view them in the classifieds capabilities page?)

    I'm repeatedly trying to find an alternative job listing or classified plugin to use at the moment just for these job listings. Will installing and uninstalling various plugins to see if they are suitable (every one so far as not been) eventually clog up my wordpress installation with bits of clutter somewhere and slow it down? Is it safe to keep doing this to test plugins or should I really only install a plugin if I'm certain I want it?

    Desperate to get this working this week if anyone is able to come up with a suggestion. I just want jobs on my site and people to have to pay to be able to answer them... I never imagined it would be this hard! :slight_frown:

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