Membership not working properly

My site is showing some pages as protected and some freely available - even with the plugin turned off. I went through all of your videos and I've obviously missed something but I can't see what.

Right now I just want to test the plugin and slowly restrict some pages a few at at time and then progress to restricted parts of pages but all visitors to this page for example are getting this which means unless I disable the whole plugin my daily visitors cannot see my content.

Also, I have a lot more than 50 pages on my site and only the latest 50 pages are being given to me when setting up the postive and negative rules. I really need to see them all, how can I do this please?


p.s the support form from the membership dashboard didn't work either, I filled it in and hit the button and it just sat there as if it were sending. I waiting for 10 mins before giving up.