Membership – only one account choice. How can I skip "choose membership" and go straight t

Client wanted to create an Affiliate Program. I am using “Members” to hide some content and navigation elements for non-affiliates.

As there is only one membership option (to become an affiliate), we wanted to bypass the screen where you choose your membership option and go straight to the sign-up form. And, yes, I did choose to view the page source and copy and paste the contents into the page itself – obviously with no joy.

After getting this far into my message, I solved the issue, and just wanted to pass this solve along for other users.

As this is a virtual page (as in, it is created with php and not using the WordPress Dashboard, the URL for the content ‘tells’ you where to find the sought after content).

Anyway, I went to the page sporting the shortcode for the subscription forms. I then clicked on the only one available.

I went into the menu settings and created a custom link using this URL, and, tada, a membership sign-up page that bypasses choosing a membership option.

Yes, I know. Quite obvious for most of y’all. I just thought I should pass this on for silly folks like myself.