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Just got the warning about reaching my limit of installs. I didn't know there were limits. So I'm a little confused.
1. Is the limit on how many sites we can install on or just update from?
2. What happens to the sites that fall outside of the limit?
3. If we install your plugins on sites and then (for some reason) cancel our membership, what happens to the already installed plugins? Just no updates or do they quit working? (like the integrated videos?)
4. If we upgrade and then go past 20, what happens?

  • Kimberly

    Hello Terry!

    You can check out your update notifications on the link below the WPMUDEV logo when you are logged in.

    1. Just how many you can update. You can even update, disable a select amount, then enable others, we are just capping the update usage for the API on your account.

    2. they are not restricted from being enabled. You can enable and update at any time

    3. They just don't receive updates, they will definitely continue to work. The videos don't work once you leave because they are hosted with us.

    4. We will offer the capability to purchase more spots in the future :slight_smile:

    Do note that you can use a plugin like WP Networks if you forsee lots of smaller projects that you are hosting yourself for clients. The API will work on all sites within that Network.

    These restrictions are geared to those who maintain sites that they do not host.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions!



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