Membership Or MarketPress eCommerce For Hosting Not Using WHMCS

Hello all! I am working on setting up a web hosting site and would like a little feedback from those who have used the Membership and MarketPress eCommerce plugins a little more than myself.

I do not want to use whmcs. I have used it in the past and it seems like a lot of work to keep it updated and I have even had an account compromise on that system, so I am trying to steer clear of it for those reasons. I do know you have a plugin make to work directly with it for automatic account setup and so on, but I am fine with creating accounts as needed.

What I am curious about is the after effect of purchase made by using these two plugins. It would seem that both can display content to those who purchase, but it seems like the membership would make more sense from the recurring payments angle....or am I incorrect there?

Just looking for any feedback or suggestions to dodge whmcs and have a usable front and backend for hosting subscription members.

Thanks in advance,


  • Patrick

    Hi @nixwebo

    I hope you are well today!

    First of all, WHMCS, MarketPress and Membership are 3 completely different systems.

    Neither MarketPress nor Membership have anything to do with hosting sites.

    If you want to manage membership levels and subscriptions to grant and restrict access to content on your site, then you want the Membership plugin.

    If you want to sell products on your site, then you want MarketPress.

    But if you want your users to be able to create sites and charge them for that, and don't want WHMCS, then what you do want is a multisite-enabled network install of WordPress and our Pro Sites plugin.

    Note that Pro Sites does nothing at the server level. It only enables you to grant/restrict access to your sub-site admins to WordPress features/functionality that you have enabled on your network.

  • Nick Simpson

    Hi Patrick, I do understand that these are three different beasts. I am simply looking for a good way to make a front end ecommerce solution to standard hosting accounts. I don't want to resell wp sites/domains, just cpanel hosting. I figured if I use the membership, I can grant access to faq sections and the likes to members that are paying for hosting.

    I do understand that the server provisioning will have to be done manually though.

    I think that is what I am going to run with and see where it gets me.



  • Patrick

    Hi again @nixwebo

    I hope you are well today!

    Ah, if provisioning and all the rest of the server stuff is done elsewhere, then all you'd really need on your site is Membership.

    However, Membership cannot detect whether someone is paying for your hosting.

    So you would likely want to use either of these methods:

    - Manually assign a subscription to each user on your site who has purchased a hosting package with you.

    - Set your subscriptions to private so they don't appear for selection on your registration page, and include a link to the subscription in an email to your clients. The link would look like this (where the number at the end is the ID of the subscription):

  • Nick Simpson

    Hi Patrick, I'm doing great! Hope you are too.

    Thanks for following up. I was going to ask for one small clarification please.

    "However, Membership cannot detect whether someone is paying for your hosting."

    I will get notification if a customer stops paying for the membership subscription though right?

    If not, I may have to grin and bare it and go back to whmcs as much as I hate to say it.


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